All classes are self-defense oriented and are conducted in a controlled, safe environment.

Jiu Jitsu

A martial art, combat sport and self-defense system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. In this class, you will learn natural body leverage and proper technique to obtain dominant control on the ground. The emphasis is on take-downs, body positions and submission holds. All classes begin with a warm-up.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing

Called the science of eight limbs because the hands, elbows, knees and legs are used to strike the opponent. Muay Thai is a vigorous workout that produces tremendous cardiovascular endurance. Students are taught various striking techniques ranging from kicking, punching and knee/elbow strikes all in a controlled environment.


Focus on footwork, striking technique and defensive strategies such as head movements. Students will also learn mechanics on how to move to create power as well as reading & setting up your opponent to your advantage. Class will begin with a warm-up consisting of drills for balance, agility and coordination. The majority of this class consist of partner work.

Sports Conditioning

Overall conditioning that is beneficial for any sport. Exercises and drills are designed to create strong, lean, agile and flexible bodies with the overall goal of becoming very fit in a short amount of time. This class is designed for beginners to advanced levels of fitness and skill. Workouts use both upper and lower body and are modified to fit your sport and fitness needs.

Kids MMA Class

This class focuses on a variety of MMA disciplines. Kids will have fun building self-discipline, strength, confidence and focus. Classes include exercises, drills, safety tips and realistic approaches to self defense situations. Students learn core life skills such as self control, respect and patience. They also develop better fine motor skills such as strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. These are fun & energetic classes!


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